Here you will find galleries, interviews and movies from the Workshop.

  • Múlt-kor, M1 TV, November 28th, 2012

This cultural show’s aim is to present the activities of the Hungarian National Museum – National Heritage Protection Centre (official partner of the Workshop), among which there are excavations, laboratory analysis, archeometry, exhibitions and so on. Among them a special notice was made of the Workshop project. The part about our activity is between 8:13-16:30. You can view it here, on the official page of Hungarian Television (MTV).

  • Reading Landscapes in Central Europe: A Documentary

A documentary put together from numerous clips produced by the Workshop’s participants, including footage from a camera lifted by by a multicopter. Unique 8-minute-long movie produced by Stanisław Rzeźnik of Archeomap, edited by Jakub Zakrzewski. The documentary focuses on crucial elements of the 2012 Workshop, depicting through participants’ footage the true side of wide-range survey and non-invasive methods of prospection. Available on YouTube, Vimeo and a special subsite of our page Here.

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