A glimpse of the “new” Old Nieszawa

As reported earlier, the work on the publication about 15 years of search for the Medieval first location of Nieszawa is being completed. Beside the historical documents query, reports on excavations, aerial survey and documentation, and non-invasive geophys survey a brand new digital reconstruction of the Medieval settlement has been prepared. The new digital model of medieval Nieszawa has been created by J. Zakrzewski and S. Rzeźnik and is based on current state of knowledge about the spatial organisation of the city. Presented below are few samples of the digital model that give a taste of the upcoming book, about which you can read more on the projects site: staranieszawa.pl

   Source: Staranieszawa.pl

Monograph publication about medieval Nieszawa’s discovery coming soon

The publication summarizing the past 15 years of research that led up to the discovery and reconstruction of the forgotten medieval city of Nieszawa is being completed. The monograph publication represents all aspects of research conducted in the past decades, ranging from test trenching, through long-term aerial observations, and finally geophysical prospection. The publication was financed by The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. You can read more about the project at it’s site both in English and Polish. The cover of the upcoming book is presented below.

okladka2aSource: staranieszawa.wordpress.com