“To see the invisible” – exhibition on reading landscapes in Poland

The Regional Museum in Pińczow with Interdisciplinary Research Foundation of Godfryd Ossowski kindly invite to visit the exhibition “To See  The Invisible – Zobaczyć Niewidzialne” that will be opened on December 19th 2014 at 12CET in the building of the Regional Museum in Pińczów (Poland).

ZobaczycNiewidzalneiThe exhibition’s theme centres on the results of non-invasive means of reading archaeological landscapes through various survey methods that are available to contemporary archaeologists. Recognition of archaeological sites currently is based not only on archaeological digs and trenching that lead to irreversible destruction of archaeological tissue. Recently a new standard takes on the main role of providing spatial archaeological data, involving a broad application of non-invasive and geophysical techniques. A case of such a modern shall be presented based on the survey in the vicinity of Nieprowice (Pińczów district) in the loess-highland region of southern Poland.

logo_fbigo muzeumregwpinczowie

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