Polish Press Agency’s summary on the Workshop

logo-plAnother article about the Workshop is available online. Science in Poland portal – a specialised site of Polish Press Agency, has published an article (in Polish) with a summary of the 2012 project. You can read the whole article following the link given below:


Reading Landscapes in Central Europe: A Documentary – World Premiere

01. TytułProject’s latest feature – a movie documentary is here! Welcome to the world premiere of Reading Landscapes in Central Europe: A Documentary. Put together from numerous clips produced by the Workshop’s participants an 8-minute-long movie has emerged. Produced by Stanisław Rzeźnik of Archeomap, edited by Jakub Zakrzewski, the documentary focuses on crucial elements of the 2012 Workshop, depicting through participants’ footage the true side of wide-range survey and non-invasive methods of prospection. Some of the material consists of footage taken through digital cameras air-lifed by a multicopter belonging to Hungarian Interspect.Net company, whose staff has been aiding the Workshop.

The documentary introduces the following themes present at the Workshop in Hungary:

  • Preparations,
  • Surface Artefact Collection,
  • Lectures,
  • Kite Aerial Photography,
  • Preparing the Multicopter for Flight.
  • Geophysical Survey,
  • Hillfort Survey,
  • Roman Villa Survey,
  • Multispectral Imagery.

We would like to invite you to this night’s premiere directly here or on any of the websites providing hosting services for the movie (below). We wish you a pleasant journey into the world of archaeology, geophysics, fast cars and beautiful Hungarian landscapes.

YouTube Version

Vimeo Version

Archeowiesci.pl on the Workshop

ImageThe most popular Polish archaeological portal Archeowiesci.pl which focuses on news about current research in country and abroad done by Polish scientists has published an extended version of the article on the 2012 Workshop. You can read if by following the link below:


New publication about the Workshop

Today morning Archeolog.pl portal has published a summary of the 2012 Workshop written by Marcin Jaworski. Much information about the Workshop itself and the newly developed GPS based survey system can be read there (only in Polish). To read the article just follow the link below:


Prospecting the Landscape under the Bronze Age Hillfort.

Prospecting the Landscape under the Bronze Age Hillfort.

Article about the Workshop in Magyar Régéset 2012 (winter edition)

On behalf the authors, Gábor Mesterházy and Máté Stibrányi, we would like to invite our readers to read the article about the Workshop that originally appeared in the Hungarian quarterly journal Magyar Régéset (winter edition). The article is currently available only in Hungarian on the page of the journal and on our page in the Publications section.

SONY DSCReading of archaeological landscape with GPS RTK