The Workshop starts tomorrow

As we get closer to the opening of the Workshop, we added more features to the site. You can read about the methods and the approach to the field studies in the Methods section. Also, the closed list of participants has been added to the Staff & Partners section. Some minor parts of the site have been revised and minor content added.

Just a reminder – during the weekly stay at Nagyhörcsökpuszta (3 km south-west from the study area), we will conduct field walking surveys with the developed method for six days and compare the results of the new method with classical field walking techniques. Also, aerial photography and geophysical prospection are planned for 3 days each. Something exciting to the project with a bit of mystery will be brought by a low-flying airplane conducting tests upon whether it is possible to detect pottery and artefacts with multispectral images. It will also contribute to the project with a quite accurate Digital Surface Model (DSM).

Please don’t forget to take your GPS devices, batteries, sleeping bags, raincoats, warm clothes and waterproof boots and what’s most important – the visibility jackets because it’s deer hunting season!

To the participants – see you on site!
And to the readers – keep on checking for news as they will be updated as the project develops.


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